The Mystic Rises
Would you change the world if you knew it was possible?

What if you already have everything inside you to be the catalyst for that change?

Are you ready to open up to your personal power and really begin to soar in your own life?

My New Powerful One Day Workshop,
The Mystic Rises

is designed to help you wake to your Divine Inner Wisdom, your personal Divine magic and gifts, and experience the Mystic Rise within you!


     Demystify the Mystic within.
Your Soul has things to say to you,
and a path to take you on!
Are you ready to jump in to your sacred power and path?

This one-day workshop is scheduled for

April 24, 2022 9am-5pm MST

Offered in person

 Now, just 4 spaces available

*OPEN up to the truth of what
a Mystic really is and you’ll become a clear channel for your Inner Mystic’s truth!

*MEET your authentic Mystic!
Empowering your Mystic to enter your internal knowing through growing your sense of self trust.
This is carried out through the use of a healing partnership between your mind, body and spirit.

You are all of these!

*ACTIVATE your Intuitive Nature

Open you up to or more of your personal energetic/Spiritual power and expand how you use your intuition.

*EXPLORE your personal power!
Understanding the patterns of thoughts, sensations and emotions in the mind, body and heart and how they interplay.

*LEARN energy self-healing techniques!
Creating Practices and Rituals for conscious connection and communication to the Creator.

*EXPERIENCE Soul expansion and your personal inner power, and gain tools to move you forward in life!



Nurse Savage on Your Side, The Wisdom Guided Oracle

Spiritual Guide and Way Shower

Victoria Savage is an Intuitive, Empath, Angel Channel, Energy Healer and Spiritual Guide.

Only $197 before April 1, 2022 (After April 1, 2o22 full price is $227)

(Lunch and snacks provided)

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If you have questions please Contact Victoria at