My Story

As a very young girl I began to channel Archangel Uriel; the Angel of Wisdom. 

I didn’t know it then but I’d always had wisdom beyond my years. I’d always just chalked it up to being an old soul. Through the years people would often come back to me to tell me how my words or comments gave them what they needed to hear at the time. I didn’t have any idea this was what was happening. It was then I understood that I was a conduit or channel for Spirit not just an old soul and here’s why…


At age 4 I began my personal spiritual journey by getting to church anywhere I could. Now, I lived in 17 different houses by the time I was 9 so I was able to experience different religions, their believers, their buildings and their philosophy’s. Although many see this scenario as a bit shocking, it allowed me the gift of not being indoctrinated in any one belief system. It was my life and offered me a unique perspective. I continued my religious journey complete with attending Oral Roberts University. 

Bible and a crucifix on an old wooden table. Religion concept.


I began to explore different modalities to bring my gifts through and the truth of this is that what each of these modalities brought forth and showed me was my own personal power and the power of my intention.
This was life changing for me! And it can be life changing for you as well. We all have access to this personal power by the power of our intention.
It has become my focus to help you open up to your personal power, intuitive abilities and your path.


At age 24 I received a vision that gave me the understanding that my journey with religion was done. That was when my Spiritual journey began and the freedom that goes with that.
I became an RN, and used my gut level understanding in many aspects of nursing so that I had a deeper connection with my patients and co workers.
Through the years I felt prompted to step more fully into my spirit aspect and was lead to this path.